Can a fragrance primer make your favorite perfume last all day long? FEMAIL puts a scent-boosting spray to the test with impressive results

“If you’re going to spend upwards of $50 on a fragrance, you want the scent to remain fresh and robust throughout the day. Many, however, don’t seem to last through the morning commute.

A lack of longevity is not necessarily your fragrance’s fault. Factors like dry skin and storage environment (heat and humidity break down the scent) contribute to the issue.

If carrying around a delicate fragrance bottle in your purse doesn’t sound like the ideal solution, allow us to introduce you to Linger, a primer that’s formulated to extend the life of perfume on your skin, making it truly worth the investment.

When I first stumbled across the product created by ScentIvent, I was intrigued but skeptical. Sure, eye and face primers do wonders for the longevity of make-up, but primer for fragrance seemed like an unnecessary step in my rushed AM routine.

On a recent morning I put my doubt aside and gave Linger a shot, applying it onto the inside of my wrists and along my décolletage. After dabbing the formula (which goes on clear and is fragrance-free) into my skin, I spritzed on my favorite yet quick-to-fade eau de parfum.

Around lunchtime, I was pleasantly surprised when a flick of my wrist sent a waft of perfume into the air. And at the end of the work day, the scent could still be detected.”

Daily Mail