Product Performance

LINGERô is clinically tested and fragrance fan approved.


LINGERô has been clinically tested to extend fragrance wear by Essex Testing Clinic. 

  • 70% stated that their fragrance lasted longer
  • 66% stated that their fragrance lasted 3 to 5 times longer

(Independent Clinical Study with Fragrance Fans)


Sniffapalooza, an industry expert group of fragrance fans evaluated and tested the product.

  • 83% stated that their fragrance lasted longer
  • 83% stated that they would wear everyday

“I am genuinely loving your innovative fragrance primer. I am so impressed by the extended wearability of my fragrances. This product is a game changer!”

Laura, Fragrance Fan and Sniffapalooza Member

“I think that the innovation & technology that we have seen with Scentinvent Technoloiges is the future of fragrance!”

Karen Dubin, Founder & CEO, Sniffapalooza