LINGER™ Lasting Fragrance Primer


Product Description

LINGER™ Lasting Fragrance Primer is the ultimate fragrance primer that helps your scent to remember. A true scent invention, LINGER™ Lasting Fragrance Primer creates an invisible shield that preserves skin’s moisture as it balances its surface for scent that lasts and memories that linger. This remarkable one-of-a-kind lasting scent primer helps extend fragrance wear.

LINGER™ is Patent Pending, Clinically Tested and Fragrance Fan Approved

“It’s a game changer!”
Laura, Sniffapalooza Fragrance Fan

Linger Appeared on HSN

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    I love perfume but was always disappointed at how it never lasted the whole day. Linger has made a huge difference. I put it on directly out of the shower and then layer with perfume. I don’t reapply and still smell the perfume all day long. What an amazing item to have! Great product and great gift idea!

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    It is incredible! My fragrance smells like I just applied it.

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    I love the way the primer moisturizes my skin and makes my scent last and blossom.

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    It actually really works

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    Pretty amazing how long the scent is lasting and how fresh it smells

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